The Limassol Chamber of Commerce & Industry was established in its present form in 1962 and represented the first concerted effort of the Limassol business community to have one organisation to defend its interests and promote the economic development of the Limassol district.  From its very inception the Limassol Chamber of Commerce & Industry has played a leading role in the economic life of Limassol, either by operating as a pressure group towards the realisation of vitally important economic projects or by developing concrete initiatives of its own in that direction.



All Limassol-based companies, whether in the fields of commerce, industry, services or tourism, are eligible to become members of the Limassol Chamber. Membership is open to individuals too. The process of becoming a member is fairly simple. What it takes is filling in the membership application form, which is obtainable either from our website, or from our office. Duly completed membership applications forms need to be sent to the Chamber, alongside the registration fee and are subject to the approval of the Chamber Board, which usually meets once a month. The Board also determines the annual membership fee for each new member.


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