We are pleased to present the new website of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry. What we aim for is to further facilitate communication with our members, as well as with the broader business community and other interested parties, individuals and organizations, in Cyprus and abroad.

Our objective is for our website, which will also host our monthly newsletter “Entrepreneurial Limassol’’, to be a venue of information on a broad spectrum of business-related issues. These will extend beyond the activities of our Chamber, to include, especially for our members, insight and information such as research-based studies, statistics and business opportunities, rendering the website a practically useful tool for its users.

The whole structure of the website is such that there is room for constant improvement, always aiming to offer best quality service to the business community. We are always open to your suggestions.

Andreas Tsouloftas


170 Franklin Roosevelt, 3045 Lemesos | Cyprus

Tel. : +35725855000 | Fax : +35725661655 | Email : info@limassolchamber.eu

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