Limassol, Ypsonas step up effort for European Capital of Culture 2030

The ‘’Limassol 2030’’ Organization is proceeding with the finalization of the vision of Limassol's proposal regarding its candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2030, its Artistic Director, Eleana Alexandrou, told "Entrepreneurial Limassol". She also pointed out that the wealth of views and perceptions recorded by the public consultation carried out by the Organization will form the basis for the preparation of a Cultural Strategy for Limassol Municipality.

She stressed that the aim is, through democratic dialogue, to highlight the cultural dynamics of Limassol but also the reconstruction, coordination, and empowerment of the city. The Artistic Director of "Limassol 2030" told us that a visit by the Organization's advisors from Germany and England is imminent in view of the start of writing the proposal, which should be delivered next November, to discuss the results of the previous period's actions.  As well as that in 2024 the actions discussed in 2023 will be implemented in a practical, interactive way.

Eleana Alexandrou described how Limassol is developing and said the impact of this development represents an important chapter.  She indicated that an effort is being made to exploit the contradictions identified in a way that creates perspective, rather than obstacles. Development should not be to the detriment of any group, and there’s no room for any group to be underprivileged.

Ms. Alexandrou added that this is a central topic of discussion and if Limassol is successful in its bid, this should be managed in a way that the achievements of the effort will last in time. She added, moreover, that proper strategic plans will be prepared to build resilience for the Cultural Microindustry of Limassol and, by extension, of the whole of Cyprus. 

Eleana Alexandrou announced that another consultation of the "10 10 100" type will soon be organized, in which citizens of different qualities, ages, experiences and origins will have the chance to express themselves. At the same time the Cultural Strategy of the Municipality is under preparation, one that will extend beyond the Cultural Capital.

Ypsonas municipality too...
The Municipality of Ypsonas is also proceeding with what it takes for claiming the nomination of the European Capital of Culture 2030 and according to Mayor Pantelis Georgiou, the name of the company that will be established for this purpose has been decided, the articles of association have been prepared and after approval (within days), it will be sent to the Registrar of Companies.

The Municipality has reached an agreement with a university that will undertake the design of the logos and the promotion of the campaign, while a second university will start putting together its strategy. Pantelis Georgiou stressed that the aim is to prepare the strategy for the cultural development of the new (Western Limassol) Municipality for 2020-2030 and that through the process it emerged that specific proposals should be made for cultural events and interaction with the local community. The Local Authority objective is to move beyond the theoretical level and proceed with specific actions.

He indicated that an ambitious plan is being prepared that includes infrastructure and routes connecting the municipal districts. The project will cover the whole of the new Municipality, its environmental, religious and social characteristics, such as the fact that Turkish Cypriots also lived in the area.  Mr. Georgiou also said that partnerships will be developed with twinned cities and will open a route to European cities that want to get to know the culture of the region or were part of it in the past and a connection has been lost. 

The head of the team that will run the process for the Municipality of Ypsonas, Michalis Karakatsanis, told us that a consultation with the citizens will begin within days, while the setup of the team that will run the effort is in progress. He added that the cultural strategy to be drawn up will have a largely social texture, rather than simply drawing up a cultural programme.  He pointed out that within Ypsonas geographic boundaries there are the British Bases, a large number of immigrants, industrial areas, and that it is a challenge for all of them to be connected with the cultural sector. 

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