Significant investments in cultural production in western Limassol

Limassol-based international companies are proceeding with culture-related investments in the rapidly growing area between the Marina and the Port. Two remarkable such spaces are already in place in old factory buildings in the area. The "ETKO Cultural Services" organization has transformed the former ETKO Wine Industry into an event and meeting place for locals and tourists.  The space belongs to a company of foreign interests, but a Cypriot company has been set up to organize Artistic Events, their Legal Advisor and Representative, Stella Koukouni, told us.

According to her, the directors started with an Electronic Music Festival last year, with the participation of internationally renowned artists, which was a huge success, placing Limassol on the map of festivals of the genre around the world. Several cultural events followed in the area, under the umbrella of "ETKO Cultural Services", with music, artistic creations, and concerts.

The representative of "ETKO Cultural Services" pointed out that the site was chosen because it is located in one of the fastest developing areas of Limassol.  She stressed that "ETKO Cultural Services" has the ability to turn it into a pole of attraction and that the organization's intentions for development are focused on the cultivation and promotion of quality culture.

"The owner company mingled with artists and professionals in Cyprus and set out to create culture," Koukounis said, adding that the aim is to hold events with respect to the specific culture that pervades Limassol. Alexis Vayanos has exhibited in the previously abandoned wine industry, mural creators, engineers and architects have worked, making it completely safe for everyone to visit with their family.

Stella Koukouni stressed that the number of people visiting the site is increasing every time and it has only good things to give to the city of Limassol. Kolla: Factory of Culture, which operated in the old Coca-Cola factory, was created by a group of enthusiastic individuals, dedicated to organizing cultural events in Limassol, with a view to bringing together theater, circus and media arts through new cultural experiences by applying innovative methods in performance production, according to its General Manager  Denis Kravchenko.  This initiative is supported by Exness founder and CEO, Petr Valov. 

According to Mr. Kravchenko, the aim of Kolla: Factory of Culture is to host cultural, artistic and science and entrepreneurship events. The venue can welcome from 50 guests for small events, thematic lectures, presentations and workshops, up to 2,000 participants for large urban events such as corporate parties, night markets, concerts, exhibitions or even carnival performances. 

The main mission is to unite people of different cultures, professions and ages through a platform that promotes the creation of unique experiences, strengthening the cultural community of the city. This initiative, as explained to us, was born from the need to integrate Exness' foreign employees into the local community and culture. "So, we started organizing various events for cultural enrichment, recreation as well as networking," the Director of the organization told us. 

Kolla also supports creative ideas of local artists and cultural groups by providing them with the space to carry out their projects and initiatives, contributing to the cultural fabric of Limassol and Cyprus in general. Kolla: Factory of Culture is addressed to local and foreign residents of the island, as well as tourists. Events include themed music parties, film festivals, theatrical performances, information lectures, art exhibitions, as well as discussions on the development of urban life (e.g. infrastructure for urban services such as cafes, restaurants, select shops).

The initiators of Kolla pointed out that the continuous communication with volunteer groups and the wider community, as well as the increased demand for events, confirm the prospect and interest in this project.  As well as that the increasing attraction of technology professionals and other specialties to the island significantly increases the need for more initiatives of this nature in Limassol. Kolla has an efficiently structured team of 20 professionals with passion, experience and a plethora of success stories.  

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