Vati industrial zone – road construction imminent

By the end of November, the Ypsonas Municipality will complete the procedures and will be in position to announce the construction of both the access road to Vati and the internal road network of the industrial zone there, which is intended to host producers of concrete. As the Mayor, Pantelis Georgiou, told "Entrepreneurial Limassol", the construction plans have been prepared for the access road to Vati and what remains is for the Electricity Authority to submit its own.  The Local Authority starts with quantity surveyance work, so that the terms of tender will be ready before the end of November.  The same methodology is being followed for the industrial zone internal network for the relevant tender to be ready by the end of November. 

As Pantelis Georgiou explained, what the Municipality expects is the approval of the Ministry of Finance, for the project to be included in the budgets, since the Ministry of Commerce has already included it in its own. The total cost of the project amounts to €5 million (plus VAT), and the start of its implementation, which is expected to last 18 months, is expected in 2024.  The whole effort began when a specific area of the Municipality of Ypsonas, within the territory of the British Bases, in which concrete industries operated, was characterized as residential.  Following this development, a British Bases court order was issued to move the factories.

The affected concrete industries then asked the authorities to indicate a place to move. As Pantelis Georgiou recounted to us, a meeting followed with the then Interior Minister Nikos Nouris and it was agreed that the industries would move to Vati in return for the construction of the road network of the area.  The Ministry of Commerce then gave the green light for the Local Authority to undertake the implementation of the project on its behalf. The Interior Ministry has already given an amount for the preparation of the studies and will supplement upon their preparation.  However, the consultation of the Ministries of Commerce and Finance for the financing of construction is pending. In the meantime, as the Ypsonas mayor told us, one of the affected concrete producers has moved to the 3rd Industrial Area where it has a factory; another has bought a plot of land and is in the process of securing planning permission, while a third has applied for a derogation and is awaiting.

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