Photo exhibition entitled 'Thálatta' by Limassol Chamber

The Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organizing a photo exhibition within the CMMI MaRITeC-X project, which is one of the leading financial tools of the European Union, the well-known HORIZON 2020 - Teaming for Excellence. The exhibition includes photographs from the sea as well as the seabed of Cyprus and takes place in the Old Port of Limassol until May 31st, 2023.

Below you can find the name of the exhibition as well as photograph samples of the exhibition:
Thálatta! Thálatta! (Greek: Thalatta! thalatta! — "The Sea! The Sea!") was the shouting of joy when the roaming Ten Thousand Greeks saw Euxeinos Pontos (the Black Sea).
"Sea! Sea!" is the historical phrase that sounded like a sigh of relief at the end of the suffering experienced by the ten thousand Greek mercenaries, the so-called Myrios, during their return from vast Asia to Greece.

Thanks to CMMI (Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute) and the Cyprus Ports Authority for the help and support.

A few words about the CMMI MaRITeC-X project
LCCI participates as a partner of the CMMI MaRITeC-X project, with funding amounting to €30 million, where €15 million is EU funding and the remaining €15 million comes from funding from the Republic of Cyprus for the creation of infrastructure.


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