US Embassy officials on a visit to Limassol Chamber

The prospects of further strengthening business relations between the United States and Cyprus, and especially Limassol, were discussed in the context of a recent visit to the offices of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry by a delegation of the American Embassy in Cyprus. Welcoming the delegation, which consisted of the Embassy's Political and Economic Department Officer William Stange and commercial department assistant Anna Agrotou, the LCCI President Andreas Tsouloftas referred to the special economic characteristics of Limassol, with particular emphasis on the arrival in recent years of a significant number of high-tech companies. Such companies, he noted, in addition to employing a considerable number of Cypriot scientists on excellent terms, constitute a dynamic sector that already makes a very substantial contribution to the country's GDP. It is not at all accidental, Mr. Tsouloftas continued, that the Chamber, for years now, has been making continuous efforts to advance the Technology Park project in  Pentakomo.

Reference was also made to bilateral trade relations, where there is much room for improvement, as well as to the investment sector, where Cyprus expects more from a country of the size and economic clout of the USA. All the above will be the subject of further discussions in the near future, with the arrival in Cyprus of the new American ambassador. Present at the meeting from the LCCI side were, in addition to President Tsouloftas, the Vice Presidents of Industry and Economy Charalambos Pattichis and Liakos Theodorou respectively, the Honorary Secretary Kikoula Cotsapas and the members of the Board of Directors Despina Theodosiou, Pavlos Paradisiotis and Demosthenes Mavrellis.

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