A recycling project just around the corner, which will radically upgrade the seaside and the center of Limassol

The Limassol Municipality will proceed to the installation of 120 submersible and semi-submerged bins and a system for the compaction and collection of all kinds of waste on the coastal front and the center of Limassol. The project is part of a program for the reduction of municipal solid waste of coastal hotel units and related sites of mass waste production, implemented by the Environment Department.

The Limassol Municipality will receive more than €1.7 million from the program funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Bins will be purchased and installed at designated points of the coastal front and the city center, 26 submersible and 72 semi-submersible bins, 8 compressors and 33 paper press compressors to collect PMD, glass, paper and mixed as well as 200 bins for food waste.

In addition, two garbage trucks equipped with a central computer information system, a compressor transport vehicle, a glass collection vehicle and a vehicle for collecting bulky and green waste ,will be acquired.  Also expected is the supply of a vehicle for washing the bins, as well as two electric cars for the collection of paper and cardboard from the city center and the coastal road. After the finalization of the needs of each area of the project, the designation of the points where the underground and semi-underground bins will be installed was completed. The specifications of the equipment have been prepared and the announcement of tenders for its supply is expected in July 2022. 

Based on the experiences of Phase A of the project implemented in Larnaca and Famagusta, this is expected to contribute to the increase of the amount of recyclable materials, especially in paper/cardboard, glass and PMD streams. The separate sorting of food waste in businesses will remove 40% of the volume from the organic waste gathered and  transferred to the OEDA unit at Pentakomo. With the massive participation of businesses, it is expected that there will be awareness on the issues of separate collection and recycling and that the image and sanitary situation of the area will be improved with the removal of the wheeled bins, especially on the coastal road.

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