Strategic Objectives & Services

The Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), has for a number of years developed vigorous action and mobility in the field of research and innovation.  Going through the era that is often referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution, namely the rapid technological and digital development and ever-changing evolution, the prospects of the business innovation sector become very promising in the foreseeable and near future.  As LCCI and guided by the trends and dynamics of the time combined with the harmonization of priorities and policies of the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union (EU) to encourage the development of start-up entrepreneurship and enhance competitiveness in the business environment, by taking at the same time into consideration the needs of our members, contemporary business, social and economic challenges, we set and operate based on the following strategic goals:


  • Promoting business innovation, research and improving the ecosystem in the city and Limassol district.
  • Upgrading and modernizing the services offered by the Chamber to its members and adding new ones.
  • Promoting the construction of a Science & Technology Park.
  • Strengthening the knowledge and use of Digital Technology.
  • Supporting start-ups. 
  • Utilizing the opportunities for LCCI participation in programs, by exploiting the various available European and national financial tools.
  • Supporting and empowering in the role of the intermediary body to improve the interconnection between the academic / research community and the productive fabric.
  • Strengthening international and domestic networking and collaboration.
  • Exchanging and transferring of know-how.
  • Creating of high-quality jobs and further utilization of the scientific human resources of our country. 
  • Developing specialized know-how in LCCI staff.





  • Innovation Office function as Help Desk for direct communication with the members of the Organization in relation to research and innovation issues.
  • Providing consulting services in the areas of entrepreneurship and idea development.  
  • Creating and providing Internet Services and educational programs through electronic platforms to LCCI and the society.
  • Providing a network of partners for the development and processing of business ideas such as Incubators, Accelerators, Technology Parks, Research Centres, Financial Institutions, etc.
  • Organizing events in the form of Pitching in order to present business ideas to potential investors.   
  • Carrying out events in order to disseminate information on relevant issues to the members of the Organization and the society.
  • Organizing educational seminars.
  • Organizing networking events between businesses and the research community.
  • Publishing articles by researchers, academics, R&D companies, Universities and other relevant bodies in the LCCI monthly electronic bulletin, "Entrepreneurial Limassol".  
  • Providing assistance and information to the members of the Chamber regarding the various financial or other opportunities through the participation of companies in programs.
  • Providing Letters of Support to members and associates of LCCI in order to strengthen the proposals of projects submitted in the context of competitive financial instruments. 
  • Providing support for the possible finding of the right partner between companies and research teams and vice versa. 
  • Writing and studying of proposals for possible participation of the Chamber in European and Transnational Programs with corresponding Organizations.
  • Studying and monitoring available European and National financial instruments, as well as future calls for the application of research and innovation programs, which are part of the interests of the Organization and the needs of the business environment.  
  • Participating in targeted and high-level conferences and business missions in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Preparing and signing cooperation protocols with organizations that are active or related to the subject of research and innovation from Cyprus and abroad.
  • Drafting and promotion of press releases of the Chamber with relevant issues to the media and the online newspaper "Entrepreneurial Limassol".
  • Drawing up and conducting research work.
  • Participating in educational seminars and informative activities related to the improvement of knowledge in the field of European Programs.
  • Involvement and representation of the Organization in various bodies related to the areas of research and innovation.

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