Lina Tsaltambasi Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Interview: Lina Tsaltambasi President of the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs - SEGE

- Ms. Tsaltambasi, tell us a few words about the role and mission of the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs
The Association is an Institution that stands firmly on the side of the woman entrepreneur and self-employed women since 1997, combining experience and stability. Listing over 1,200 members nationwide, our goal is to upgrade the position of women in all aspects of public and private life. Through the Association, women entrepreneurs can network, receive training and support through Counseling, Mentoring and Coaching. By constantly creating new rewarding actions for our members, and with the support provided by the wide network of volunteers of the Association, we have managed to support more than 8,000 beneficiaries over time for their start-up in Business sector, as well as in matters of Empowerment and Support. Our main goal is to continue to grow and create.

- “Female Entrepreneurial Week” 
The "Female Entrepreneurial Week" is an International Conference that S.E.G.E. is organizing every two years and is an official event of the World Small and Medium Enterprise Week, while it marks an important milestone for the course of Women Entrepreneurship and Women's Economic Empowerment, in the wider region of Europe.
" Female Entrepreneurial Week " is an innovative project that seeks communication, interaction and discussion between decision makers, experts and professionals from across Europe, in order to exchange views on the possibilities of promoting entrepreneurship.

In such a special situation that we are experiencing lately due to the pandemic, it was a risk for us to organize Conference like this, but it paid off and we are very happy for the participation of 450 delegates from 20 different countries that we managed to have in physical presence, of course adhering to all health protocols. The Forum's focus this year was on Restarting the Economy, with sub-topics on Partnership Networks, Innovation, Green Growth, Circular Economy, Alternative Sources of Funding, Rural Economy, and Financing, Inclusion and Social participation. Special topics were developed with the participation of Women from the Balkan and the Black Sea region. 

A special honor for us was the participation of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry in "Female Entrepreneurial Week", for the third consecutive time, supporting the initiative of S.E.G.E. and giving us the pleasure to host in the proceedings of the Conference a reputable mission of businessmen and businesswomen from Cyprus.

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