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The Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, continuing its efforts to transfer to its members specialized knowledge on issues of digital transformation and Innovation, organized in February, an event entitled "Awareness Session, Digital Innovation Hub Cyprus". The event, which took place in the English language, is part of the actions developed in the framework of the European DiGiNN program, in which the Limassol Chamber participates as a partner.

The European Digital Innovation Hub in Cyprus, named DiGiNN, is a beacon of progress, a platform designed to encourage collaboration, spark creativity and drive digital transformation across Europe and beyond. The consortium consists of 13 prestigious Cypriot organizations including the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry and all local Chambers, in leadership positions according to their goals of assisting their members.

The event included a greeting from the President of the Limassol Chamber, Mr. Andreas Tsouloftas and presentations from Dr. Katerina Loizou, DiGiNN Project Manager and Dr. Anixi Antonakoudis, DiGiNN Manager, from the Cyprus Institute. DiGiNN aims to help in today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, where companies are navigating the twin challenges of climate change and digital transformation, posing significant challenges to their operations.

During the event, participants had the opportunity for a free digital maturity assessment of their organization by DiGiNN experts.

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