Limassol: The redevelopment of the historic Heroes' Square is approaching

June 2024, and on condition that no last minute obstacles emerge, will likely bring about the signing of the contacts contracts for the redevelopment of Heroes' Square and adjacent streets, as the chairman of the Limassol Municipality Tender Committee, Andreas Neophytou, told "Entrepreneurial Limassol". One work gets under way, full implementation is expected to take 18 months. As Mr. Neophytou told us, the tender is expected to be awarded to a contractor in April, unless there is a problem such as the successful bidder not meeting the conditions, in which case bids will have to be re-tendered.

The Limassol Municipality proceeded with the announcement of tenders for the redevelopment of Heroes' Square, with an estimated cost of €3,4 million plus VAT, on February 2nd. The deadline for bids is March 22, when they will be opened for evaluation. Procedurally, the competent department of the Municipality will examine the bids and recommend to the Bidding Committee to whom the project should be awarded.  Due to the relatively high cost of the project, the proposal of the Bidding Committee, will then be put before the plenary of the City Council, which will take the final decision 

The project will receive a grant from the European Regional Development Fund. Contracts for the preparation of the construction plans for the redevelopment of the historic Heroes' Square were signed in January 2021. Mayor Nicos Nicolaides had stressed at the time that this was an important priority project, adding that the redevelopment of the Square was one of the first priorities of the current city council. 

The aim of the Municipality, with the renovation of the Square, is to highlight its importance through historical and social data, as well as the architectural and monumental elements that characterize the area and played an important role in the historical of the city. The architectural design of Socrates Stratis and Christos Pasadakis that was selected, was awarded the 2nd prize in a relevant competition whereas there was no award of either 1st or 3rd prize. Another three proposals were awarded commendations. 

The successful proposal, entitled "Square of everyday heroes", provides infrastructure for the remodeling of the square and proposes structures for organizing the commons of the city, which encourage and ensure the diversity of public space. It organizes the space of the square based on a "smart" floor that acts as an infrastructure grid for social and ecological processes. With a sustainable rainwater management system, the floor of the square will be able to collect part of its flow, delay it further, filter it and store it in a tank under its floor. 

The configuration pattern of the "smart floor" allows the formation of four oases around the existing gazebos. Some of the concepts being mooted include structures such as the "Little Rialto", the "Greenhouse of Ideas for All", the "Toy Library", the "Plant Greenhouse", but also the "Hanging Gardens", above the new public latrines.  A satisfactory dining area is created in front of the cafes and restaurants, by moving the existing route and pedestrianizing two of the four streets surrounding the square. The main space of the square thus remains accessible to the public.

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