Use your Vote

By Thea Pieridou
Press Officer at the European Parliament Office in Cyprus

Common charger for all mobile devices from 2024: reducing e-waste and saving citizens money. Roam without additional fees for another decade: same quality and speed of mobile connection abroad (within the EU) as in our country until 2032 and save money. The above are examples of decisions taken in the European Parliament (EC) with tangible positive consequences in the daily life of citizens.

2024 marks the end of the current legislative term of the European Parliament and the start of the pre-election period ahead of the upcoming European elections. The European elections are one of the biggest democratic votes in the world and will be held in all EU member states from 6 to 9 June. In Cyprus, they will be held on Sunday, June 9, 2024.

The European Parliament (EC) is the only European institution that is directly and democratically elected by the citizens of the EU. The EP plays a central role in representing the citizens of Europe through its elected Members of Parliament. To improve citizens' daily lives, the EP debates, amends and approves legislation, approves the EU budget and exercises democratic control over the European Commission.

The message that the EP plays a key role in the institutional decision-making system in the European Union (EU), that the decisions of the EP, i.e. the legislation it approves, directly affect the daily lives of all of us citizens, is of utmost importance. Since July 2019, the EP has adopted 248 pieces of legislation and let's not forget that approximately ~82% of the legislation applied in Cyprus and the member states comes from the EU. And it is precisely for this reason that the next European elections on June 9 are so important. The European elections will be a unique opportunity for voters to determine the future shape and course of Europe.

We see from the Eurobarometer that citizens are worried about the rising cost of living, about immigration and certainly for the first time we see that the concept of peace is also a key concern. So, many things that we took for granted a few years ago, such as democracy, our European way of life, maybe can no longer be taken for granted. The European elections will therefore not simply be an opportunity for voters to determine the future shape of Europe. Their vote is also a way to preserve democracy — because the more people vote, the stronger democracy becomes. And for citizens, democracy is peace, freedom, prosperity, human rights, the rule of law and justice. The EP symbolizes all these democratic principles and values.

This is why the EP's institutional communication campaign to mobilize voters for the European elections revolves around the key message: use your vote! 

The European Union is a unique model of cooperation, freedom, peace, democracy and opportunity worldwide and we should be proud of what has been achieved in the EU to date. We have a responsibility to preserve this European acquis and defend democracy and peace for future generations as well. What is at stake in the European elections is to ensure that we do not lose our current achievements and continue to enjoy our freedoms and rights as European Citizens.

In her statement, the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, sends a strong message about the 2024 European elections: "With the European elections in June, 2024 will be a decisive year. Your vote matters. It will determine the direction of our course and decide the Europe you want to see.”

Don't forget to cast your vote on June 9th!

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