Limassol District Self-Government Organization in the making

The Limassol District Self-Government Organization aims to improve the daily life of citizens with qualitatively upgraded services, more effective protection of the environment and more substantial support for economic development. The new organization (known by its Greek acronym EOA) is scheduled to become operational in June 2024, and will have responsibility for drinking water, sewage, solid waste exploitation and management, and the issuance of Town Planning and Building Permits throughout the district.

In a recent presentation at the Limassol Chamber, project manager, Yiannis Tsouloftas, stated that the Limassol-Amathus Sewerage Board, the Limassol Water Board and the Limassol Solid Waste Management Board will essentially cease to exist as separate entities and evolve into EOA. He also emphasized that especially in Limassol, where the construction sector is a key pillar of business activity, the acceleration of the issuance of Town Planning and Building Permits with the operation of the EOA, will bring significant benefits to the district’s economy.

The EOA board will be made up of six representatives of communities and ten of municipalities. Its president will be elected by all the voters of the district. The chief executive officer of the organization will be the director-general, who will be appointed on a five-year private law contract. Employees at the disbanded organizations will be transferred to EOA, and there will also be voluntary redundancy schemes. Residents of the province will be able to request information on any decision of the EOA, which will also operate a Citizen Service Office.

Limassol district residents will be able to request information on any EOA decision, which will also operate a Citizen Service Office. An Interim Coordinating Council has already been established, which will draw up the budget plan, the organizational structure and deal with any issue related to the transition period until the operation of. The Project Manager emphasized that although water supply, sewerage and solid waste management, and the issuance of construction-related permits are to some extent disparate, there will be synergies in financial and accounting management, administration, support services and building facilities.

He emphasized, however, that the redesign of the procedures, the specialization, the utilization of modern computerized systems, the rationalization of the organizational structure and the application of modern management techniques, will improve the effectiveness of the EOA. Finally, he indicated that winning this bet will require the support of everyone and to that end both the internal management of change in the organizations affected and the communication handling of the project are important.

The presentation at the Limassol Chamber was prefaced by the LCCI President, Andreas Tsouloftas, who emphasized, among other things, that it is a perennial objective of the Chamber to provide timely and valid information to its members on issues related to their activities and interests. He added that if the new organization under establishment works as it should, it will bring significant changes for the better, for businesses and citizens.

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