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The under-construction interchange in the area of the educational centers in Palodia, which comprises a secondary road network 7 km long, an uneven junction, four roundabouts, one above-ground and one underpass, is perhaps the most complex road project built to date in the Limassol district, mainly due to road surface imbalance. Project Engineer, Panikos Panagiotou, told ‘’Entrepreneurial Limassol’’ that the internal network that will be built in the area is almost twice the length of the first phase of the Limassol-Saittas motorway.

The four roundabouts will give access to Palodia and existing or upcoming projects, such as the Pascal private school, for which plans have been drawn up and the Public Works Department is in consultation with its architects, for the accesses to be built. Already operating in the same area, are two private schools, "Heritage" and "The Island", from and to which two thousand cars travel daily. As the Project Engineer explained, the four roundabouts on either side of the highway will allow for U-turns, since there will be no direct access to it from the surrounding blocks, but vehicles will have to move through the service roads and roundabouts.

A peculiarity of this particular section of the mototway is the road surface imbalance, which characterizes two thirds of its length, about two and a half kilometres in total. "There will be a retaining wall in the centre of the road and the two lanes heading towards Troodos will be at a lower level than those heading from Troodos to Limassol. This was done for environmental purposes, so that the area would not be greatly affected by the width of the motorway", as Panikos Panagiotou explained. It should be noted that a little further north, the construction of a non-circular junction is pending by "The Island" private school which recently opened in the area, so that there is access and re-routing of vehicles towards Limassol and Troodos. The first Phase of the Limassol-Saittas road, 3.6 km long, extends from the Spyros Kyprianou Sports Center to the the Palodia access road. The motorway, which will have four lanes with a central dividing island, has already reached 70% of completion and the extension given for its delivery is until January 10, 2024.

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