Limassol’s battle for clean seas

The Limassol municipality. and other involved bodies, have implemented again this year an action plan, to preserve the purity of sea water, and means of surveillance have been activated.
Mayor Nicos Nicolaides told "Entrepreneurial Limassol" that over the years more experience has been gained and better coordination and cooperation has been achieved with other Departments, with a view to dealing with any pollution incidents.

First to join the "battle" to prevent and suppress sea pollution in the greater Limassol are, the boat of the local authority "Lemesos", which began last month to conduct patrols, as well as sampling of seawater for lab analysis. At the same time, a private boat has been leased, which has been patrolling since the beginning of June in the wider sea area, from the Limassol Municipality seafront, all the way to the Parklane Hotel, with the cost of that paid by the competent government authorities.

These vessels are complementing the boat of the Department of Fisheries, an inflatable boat and a boat of the Port and Maritime Police. At the same time, there is a 24-hour telephone line 77 77 77 88, for information related to the Limassol sea. The Municipality, intent on improving the infrastructure of the beach of Akti Olympion, has carried out repairs and maintenance, with the aim of aesthetically upgrading the area, so that the hundreds of visitors are in a clean and tidy environment.

Reinforced concrete, mosaic and stone constructions were repaired. The wooden and metal elements of the Coast, the toilets and the showers were supplemented, replaced and maintained, and the sand was enriched. The works are due to be completed around mid-June 2022, at a cost of €48000. Moreover, as per a contract warded by the Ministry of Interior, the process of replacement of three lifeguard towers is well in progress, and scheduled to be completed before the end of June.

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