Residential development is the "flagship" that leads the Municipality of Amathunta towards this direction

The rapid residential development recorded in recent years in Agios Athanasios, Yermasogeia and Agios Tychonas with apartment buildings and houses will intensify even more in the coming period, regardless of the fact that their licensing is being passed to the District Self-Government Organization (known by its Greek acronym EOA) and will be the "engine" of development in the newly established municipality with very good prospects, estimates the Mayor of Amathunta Kyriakos Xydias.

At the same time, the Municipality of "Amathunta" has the largest number of tall buildings in its territory (in Agios Athanasios, Yermasoyia, Mouttayaka and Agios Tychonas.  Kyriakos Xydias told us that as far as he knows there are no applications for other "towers" since the market is no longer oriented towards this type of developments, after the abolition of the passport program.  He added that in relation to tall buildings there is a concern that they do not end up as "ghost buildings", since there will be a serious problem with their maintenance and ways of cooperation with the Licensing Authority must be found, so that the Local Authority can intervene to avoid cases such as the "Pieris" building in Omonia, which the Limassol Municipality has been trying for years to demolish.  The Mayor of Amathunta pointed out that another serious issue arises, since some of these buildings are operated through Airbnb-type platforms as hotel units.  He suggested that a mechanism should be found to avoid unfair competition between "Towers" and hotels and that they should be treated in a uniform manner.

For the hotel industry that the largest percentage of rooms operating in the province is also located in the Municipality Amathunta. Mr. Xydias told us that in the short term no new unit is expected to be built. He added that figures show high occupancy at the moment, but there are concerns that tourist numbers may decline and occupancy issues may arise.

The area between Germasogeia and Agios Athanasios with its cluster of Schools and the German Medical Institute is known to be experiencing high growth, which according to the Mayor of "Amathunta", has not come its full circle. "This is a zone of special developments as defined by the Local Plan in 2013. I am aware that large plots have been purchased there.  No applications have yet been submitted for the type of developments, but I am sure that those who have invested large funds to acquire them will certainly apply for large developments similar to those already there," he estimated.

It is for this reason, he added, "that we are running and pushing the Ministry of Transport to move forward with the vertical road to and from the coastal road and the section of the Northern Bypass that covers Germasogeia and Agios Athanasios, so that if new developments arise that will definitely put a strain on the road network, there will be alternatives."

For the two Mall's under consideration in eastern Limassol, the Mayor intends to put the issue before the Municipal Council in order to position himself in public. He stressed that his personal position is that if two malls operate in the same area, it will cause traffic chaos.  For the one in Agios Athanasios which falls within a commercial zone, he stated that he is willing to discuss it.  For the other which falls in a purely residential area, he raises the question, how wise is the state to approve a large commercial development in it? Especially when the road network is weighted and there is only one access?  Kyriakos Xydias indicated that he was one of the first to oppose the decisions made on the licensing, since according to him, as the whole story unfolds, the local authorities will be burdened, without having any reason in fact.

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