Fire Safety Training Providers: For a new culture in regards to Fire Safety in Cyprus…

STP - Fire Safety Training Providers (Cyprus) Ltd was founded in 2017 by Avgoustinos Hadjiyiannis and joined in as a member of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce & Industry earlier this year. The company is engaged in the provision of a high level training of staff exclusively in the field of Fire Safety - Fire Protection and specialized training. The training programs are designed according to the needs of the Cyprus Industry. In order to be able to offer the highest quality of training tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients, systems have been designed for monitoring and assessing the needs, ensuring that trainees will be able to get out the most at the end of their training. One of these systems is the auditing - certification from a UK company specialized in fire safety and education.

How and why was the type of activity selected?
The founder and director of Avgoustinos Hadjiyiannis is an in-service firefighter / officer working for the Defence Fire & Rescue Service at British Forces Cyprus with 15 years of experience under his belt. Through his experiential contact with Fire Safety - Fire Protection and Emergency Response, he has identified major gaps in this field. Gaps that endanger business personnel, customers, businesses themselves and the reputation of the Cypriot industry seeing the issue more holistically. Compliance with fire safety is not just a "legal" obligation for employers; there are more fundamental benefits deriving from compliance on these issues. However, the main reasons for promoting the right fire safety standards can be divided into the following:
- Ethical - Lower rates of accidents and fires
- Financial - Direct and indirect economic effects arising from the costs after an accident (fire)
- Legal - Compliance with existing legislation (Health and Safety at Work)

What are the main achievements of the company to date?
FSTP (Cyprus) is the first company in Cyprus that achieved to have its tailored, Fire Warden training course funded from the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA). Furthermore, and taking into account the concerns of both professionals and citizens regarding the design and construction of High Rise Buildings, FSTP Cyprus co-organized very successful events that attracted professionals from different sectors as well as non-fire professionals citizens.

In addition to the above, FSTP (Cyprus) places great emphasis on educating children and young people on fire safety issues and has provided a wealth of information / training in public and private schools as well as during specific events. It's here to bring change! FSTP (Cyprus) has set itself the goal of bringing change and is determined to do so as it is convinced that lives and properties will be saved through their training programs.

The company aim is to bring about a change in the fire safety culture in Cyprus ... but to do that we need the contribution of all!


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