Four new green points in Limassol

An additional four green points are to be set up in Limassol District to cater to the needs emanating from the recent closure of the Vati landfill. A decision to that effect was reached in the wake of a recent meeting of the Limassol District Waste Management Board with Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis and follows the realization that the four existing green points, located at Fasoula, Kolossi, Avdimou and Pareklisia can in no way suffice to meet existing needs. 

The closure of the Vati landfill, along with the insufficient number of green points and excessive charges enforced by private companies that are in this line of business, has already resulted in an intolerable situation where much waste ends up in open air spaces, in the countryside and elsewhere. Therefore, new green points are to be set at Eptagonia, Mouttayiaka, Pelendri and Tsierkez Tsiflik, as provided for under the original planning.
The Board of the Limassol  Integrated Solid Waste Management Unit has taken it upon itself to proceed with specific proposals regarding locations that can accommodate additional moveable green points, including one at Vati. Costas Hajipanayiotou, head of the Environment Department, said there were two options under consideration. One, to proceed with green points that have already been planned but did not materialize because of objections by local communities. Two, the Ministry of Agriculture has urged Limassol local authorities to propose news location that could be suitable for this purpose. For those provided for under the original planning, relevant studies have already been carried out, funding is available through the General Directorate for European Programs and can therefore be implemented within the year 2020. However, any new green points will require the launch of feasibility studies and therefore their 9implementation cannot be imminent.


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