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Trilogy Limassol Seafront: The Cybarco trilogy begins

The ‘re-establishment’ of Limassol continues dynamically, with its coastal front preparing to welcome a trilogy of towers that will shape the city's image and highlight its modern character. Cybarco’s Development Managing Director Michalis Hatzipanayiotou analyzes Limassol's Business Sector his plans for Trilogy Limassol Seafront, a new and exciting chapter for the company, noting that this is a unique project that is not only a complex with luxurious apartments and offices, but also a leisure destination at the heart of the city.

Simultaneously, Cybarco's plans after completing the Trilogy, will be the Limassol Greens Golf Resort of the Lanitis Group, which will be developed next to the Limassol’s casino.

At what phase is the Trilogy project and when is it expected to be delivered?
The construction of the project has already begun, with Cybarco, a Lanitis Group contractor, and Cebarco, a leading Bahrain-based construction and engineering company, with major projects -in its portfolio, such as the Bahrain City Center the Abu Dhabi and Bahrain F1 slopes. Our team of consultants has experience and expertise in high-rise buildings, which is vital to the success of the project. The work at this stage focuses on the cleaning and leveling of the southern side of the fenced plot. The construction of the diaphragm wall and new sales office will be completed in the coming months, paving the way for further construction work, including the foundations of the two front towers with their square and the construction of underground parking. The entire project is expected to be completed in December 2023. In particular, the West Tower will be completed in December 2021.

Sales and Reservations of more than € 30 million
What are the characteristics of the three towers and what distinguishes them from other major development projects in Limassol?
The work is characterized as the ultimate place for living, work and leisure, since it harmoniously combines these three different Lifestyles. It is not just a complex of apartments and offices, but a destination for leisure and all in the heart of Limassol, in a seaside urban setting.

The three impressive towers of 36, 37 and 39 floors, include luxury apartments, all overlooking the sea, while the West Tower features artistic spacious office spaces, overlooking the sea. Each tower is complemented by spa facilities, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, relaxation areas, treatment rooms, a sauna, a steam room and a gym, all of which are the exclusive use of the owners. The three towers also share a private outside space of 7.500 sq. meters, with small and large swimming pools, pool bar, tennis court, playground and landscaped gardens, and a public square of 6.850 sq.m. with high quality restaurants and shops, accessible to all guests. The project is signed by internationally recognized architects, designers and land developers. We consider it a new chapter not only for us, but also for the city in general.

What is the total cost of the project and on what levels are the reservations?
The total investment is about € 350 million. Sales and bookings of more than € 30 million have already been made for the Trilogy luxury apartments and offices in the West Tower. Messages are very positive. We have a very good world class product, well designed and our prices are very competitive.

What kind of buyers is it aimed at?
It is mainly targeted at the high-end market segment. It is a luxury product that meets the needs of the most demanding buyers both from Cyprus and abroad, enabling them to live, work and spend their free time at a destination in the heart of the city. At the same time, it offers them security and protection of their privacy, along with all the amenities they need. With Trilogy we aim to create a new lifestyle destination in Cyprus.

After Trilogy, the Golf begins 
Does Cybarco have any other future plans?
Apart from the Trilogy, for which we have been working on intensively over the past three years, we hope to soon begin working on the Limassol Greens Golf Resort of the Lanitis Group, which will be developed next to the casino. This is the next great project we have in the making. Our goal is to continue to find creative ways to bring about positive changes in the field of real estate development in Cyprus, to create projects that contribute to the upgrading of our country and to our economy.


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