A new chapter for Agia Fyla – historic centre revamping to get under way

It took a long time, and longer because of the 2013 financial crisis, but the project for the redevelopment of the Agia Fyla centre is now gaining momentum and all indications are that actual construction work will be in progress by the end of the current year. Nowadays, the project architects are updating the study with a view to bids being invited by the summer. 

Funding will initially be provided by savings in the Limassol Municipality budgets and the project will be included in the government  budgets for 2020, by which time works will be well in progress. This is a very ambitious project that will radically change the whole image of Agia Fyla, by giving it a new identity and making it a pole of attraction and a reference point for Limassol.  

The revamping of the central square will be the first of four phases of the project. Each public space will have a distinctive role and character, so that all together support a modern everyday life within a traditional web and, at the same time encourage the attraction of new uses and new residents. To this end, the general public, will have access to new facilities, not least of which is an open-air market, an outdoor venue with stages for events, underground parking spaces and playgrounds. 

At a later stage, there will be a Youth Center, a Center for the Elderly, small workshops, sports facilities and a cinema. The project also provides for areas for pedestrians and cyclists, with facilities for various kinds of public activities. The facades of adjacent preserved building will be beautified and new, modern lighting will be installed. Finally, there will be spaces with floors engraved with letters, words, phrases that represent personal stories experienced by the inhabitants of Agia Fyla.


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