A small extension for Vati and a gradual transition to the new sewage treatment plant

The new Sewage Treatment Plant that had been set up to replace the site in Vati has gradually begun operations. In order for this transition process to be complete, it was considered necessary to extend the use of the site in Vati, as per the agreement with the Water Development Department, with which the involved companies are communicating for the coordination of this procedure. 

According to the deputy director of the Water Development Department, Lia Georgiou, all the companies that have been using the site in Vati have been informed of the termination of its operations, and the initial procedures for measuring the quantity and quality of their waste material are already underway, so that they may begin being processed by the new Treatment Plant.

As sewage treatment involves the processing of live microorganisms, there is a delicate balance to the entire process, and thus this gradual transition of companies to the new plant was deemed necessary in order to avoid unexpected problems arising. At the same time, some companies are still not fully compatible with features of the new plant, and they will thus need to continue using the site in Vati, following consultation with the relevant Department. 

“It is possible that some companies may never be able to be serviced by the new plant, due to the fact that their volume of waste on a daily basis is too high, or because of the quality of this waste. In such cases, each private individual must find their own solution to their waste management,” explained Ms. Georgiou. She also pointed out that the state plant was created to service mainly small and mid-sized sized companies that are unable to cover the processing costs themselves.  


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