EAPPREN Project Implementation

The final transnational meeting of the EAPPREN Capacity Building for Intermediary Organizations through e-Learning) was held in Greece (Patras) on November 21-24 November. The project is part of the ERASMUS+ EU financial instrument and pertains to the political reform pillar. EAPPREN, a two-year project is aimed at upgrading the capabilities of intermediate bodies, such as Chambers, in supporting and implementing Apprenticeship programs. The Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the project's partners. 

At the Patras meeting, each of the partners presented their part of the work done. On behalf of the Limassol Chamber, European Programs Officer Viktor Iordanou presented the actions and deliverables successfully performed by the Chamber, including training seminars for intermediary organizations and SMEs as well as trainings conducted via the EAPPREN electronic platform. He also touched upon Chamber plans in relation to the sustainability of the program beyond the period of EU funding. 

The final conference of the project took place on November 24, within the framework of the 21st Development Forum, organized by the Association of Enterprises and Industries of Peloponnese and Western Greece. The conference was attended by representatives of various governmental and private bodies directly related to the apprenticeship sector in Greece. 

Among the most important aspects of the project is the acquisition by the Chamber personnel of know-how and skills to support apprenticeships. At the same time, with the creation and adoption of new electronic tools, the Chamber has the ability to provide services and information on apprenticeships to its members and at the same time to act as a liaison office. The Limassol Chamber mission to Patras also included European Programs Officer Rena Philipou and Administrative Assistant  Eleftheria Konstantinou. 


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