Motor Museum honors donators

In the presence of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce & Industry President Costas Galatariotis, the Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum honored its donators. In an opening address before the donators and other interested parties, the Limassol Chamber President thanked those who contributed to bringing to fruition a museum which enjoys high respectability in Limassol and throughout Cyprus. He also singled out the contribution of Dimis Mavropoulos, who was effectively the one who had the inspiration to set up the museum, an idea that he pursued vigorously, with much zeal, great diligence and lots of love, offering to our country, as well as to foreign visitors, something really special. 

Therefore, Mr. Galatariotis continued, it comes as no surprise that the Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum Κλασσικού is already an attraction for different groups of people from Cyprus and abroad, motor vehicles lovers, museum fans, as well as pupils who upon visiting the museum, also have the opportunity to attend a brief presentation on roads safety, which is particularly important in our times. The Limassol, Chamber President subsequently bestowed honorary plaquettes to the Museum donators.


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