Tuesday, 8 May 2018

JCI: Prospects for Young Entrepreneurship

“Development Sectors of the Cyprus Economy and Prospects for Young Entrepreneurship’’ was the title of a recent conference organized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) and hosted at the premises of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The event, which featured among others speeches on behalf of the Minister of Education and also on behalf of the Limassol Chamber President, took place on the occasion of the presence in Cyprus of the European JCI Vice President Ryubun Kojima.

In his speech, Limassol Chamber President Costas Galatariotis made reference to the Cyprus economy, noting the remarkable improvement observed effectively in all sectors, a state of affairs also certified by international rating agencies and also by the inflow of foreign investment in our country. Having noted that there are still serious matters to be addressed, non-performing loans being a case in point, and reforms need to continue with a view to bringing about modernization not just of the public sector but of society in general, he went on with a concise description of the main economic and other features of Limassol, pointing out that these had added to its attractiveness not just as an investment destination but also as a permanent residence for thousands of families from abroad.

Addressing the new entrepreneurs, as well as potential new ones, and pointing out the cardinal importance on innovation in contemporary society, he cited several areas of the Cyprus economy that new entrepreneurs can get involved in, including shipping and blue growth,  tourism, land development & construction industry, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), energy, green growth, professional services. Concluding, he presented examples of entrepreneurs members of the Limassol Chamber who rose up to the challenge and basing on innovation they succeeded, even in areas that were seen as unthinkable, urging young entrepreneurs to dare to do likewise. Among the guests at the Conference was Japan’s new ambassador, H.E. Shinichi Nakatsugawa.


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