Limassol to upgrade its walking and cycling infrastructure

The Limassol Tourism Company’s four-year plan to upgrade cycling and walking is underway within the European mobility project, CIVITAS DESTINATIONS. In this framework, the Limassol Tourism Company in collaboration with the Limassol Municipality and Stratagem Environmental consultants is implementing several actions with an ambitious plan to make Limassol smarter and greener. 

Limassol will upgrade its cycling and walking infrastructure and to this effect, work is underway to install five city map panels in the city centre of Limassol and two in rural areas. The seven city map panels will provide information on nearby landmarks and special interest points. The map panels will also provide information on the required travel proximity depending on the mode of transportation, i.e. traveling on foot or bicycle. The planned work is due to be completed in the next month. 

Furthermore, five parking facilities have already been installed in the region, to encourage bike sharing and bike usage in general. Upcoming actions include new bike lanes and routes, signage for cycling lanes, paths and routes, as well as efforts to promote the introduction of the legislative framework regarding cycling lanes, paths, cyclist’s responsibilities and rights to ensure the safety of cyclists. 

The Limassol Tourism Company within the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project will be implementing several additional actions aiming to improve the quality of life, urban accessibility, reduce emissions and energy consumption, specifically, Limassol will promote the uptake of electric vehicles, expand the bike sharing system, create a mobility application and travel planner and improve public transport by installing electronic signs at bus stops. For more information regarding the measures that will be implemented in Limassol within the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project, follow this link.


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