Small Business Support program in the Troodos area

The Troodos Network is the coordinator of the program "Advice for Small Businesses in the Troodos Area“, of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the provision of personal coaching and mentoring,  to 30 small enterprises active in the tourism sector in the mountainous communities of Troodos. The program has been set-up by the office of the National Champion for the European Rural Parliament and is implemented in collaboration  with the Office of the Commissioner for Development of the  Mountainous Communities and the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry.

The programme is aiming to support SMES located or operating in the mountainous areas of Troodos, in order to strengthen SMES , to improve their competitiveness, to enhance their performance and help them grow by granting subsidies for consultancy services and coaching support.  It will consist of 3 workshops, which will be implemented in February, March  and April 2020, which will be offered free of charge for all the selected companies of Troodos and will concern the organization and promotion of the company, as well as its products. The aim of the workshops is to provide the opportunity to the companies, to improve their business skills by discussing existing issues with experts, and learning about the different available solutions.         

They will be followed by personalised professional coaching , for the 30 companies which have been selected, in the field of entrepreneurship based on their own needs, in order to facilitate the development and upgrading of the enterprises in all business sectors.  The personalised professional coaching  will take place from February to April 2020 and the presentation of the final results of the program will be at end of May. The overall objective of the program will be the enchantment of entrepreneurship in Troodos with these 30 companies as role models and the vertical networking and cooperation among the participant’s.

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