€35 million worth of anti-flooding projects for Limassol

Limassol expects the government green light to fund €6,5 million worth of flood protection projects to keep the city center from experiencing the nightmares of the recent past, when major commercial roads and nearby lanes were turned into rivers and dozens of businesses had to make do with excessive flooding. With the implementation of these projects, the rainwater that now reaches the area will be collected by sewers on the Thessaloniki and Agia Fylaxis avenues and will be channeled through Gladstone and Navarinou streets to the Garyllis river.

Mayor Nikos Nikolaidis has indicated that Limassol will cease to be feeling unsafe only if the necessary flood protection projects are implemented. Following the unblocking of the government's €16m government contribution and the approval of the relevant appropriations, the competent services, at city and state level, assure that in four years, images of chaos such as those we have watched time and again over the several years, will be a thing of the past.

The €28.5m flood-proof project package, which has already been approved, has been divided into three phases and will be implemented by next summer. At its most recent meeting, the Limassol Sewerage Board (SALA) approved the tender documents for the first phase, which will come for bidding by the end of the year. In the first stage, 17 priority projects of €17,5 million will be implemented, which due to the financial crisis SALA was forced to postpone in 2013. 


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