Water Board of Lemesos: Smart water meters are coming

A significant reduction in leaks, but also in the cost of the water bill, will result in the installation and operation of smart meters in 75% of Limassol premises, gradually until 2025. The first 2500 smart meters will be installed this year, following the contract recently signed by the Limassol Water Supply Council (SYL) with T. Kouzoupos Ltd.

In the first phase, as stated in "Entrepreneurial Limassol" by the General Manager of Water Board of Lemesos Socrates Metaxas, the meters will be installed in large developments, such as the casino, My Mall, high-rise buildings and the marina. In a second phase, starting in 2022, 80 thousand smart meters will be installed in Limassol, covering 75% of consumers.


As explained by Mr Metaxas, 20 thousand will be placed each year by 2025, and added that the total expenditure of €13 million, is granted by the EU Recovery and Resilience Fund.

The benefits for consumers indicated by Socrates Metaxas will be multiple, since they will be able to detect possible leaks in a timely manner through smart applications on their mobile phone. With the introduction of this technology, the WBL will be able to receive remotely through a software the indications of hydrometers on an ongoing basis, which will help in the more efficient management of water and especially in the reduction of leaks and other losses in the network.

This will mean saving for the consumer himself but also saving water and energy for the country. Water resource losses currently reach 20% in urban areas, which is expected to be reduced by the application of the new technology to 10%. For Limassol, this figure translates to 1.5 million cubic meters of water each year.


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