Lady's Mile - waiting for the finalization of the masterplan

The Limassol Municipality has been waiting for a year to receive the masterplan for revamping the Lady's Mile, as agreed in 2019, when the Ministry of Interior assigned the implementation and management of the project to the Limassol Municipality. However, in order to reach this point, the Municipality must have the final masterplan. Speaking to “Entrepreneurial Limassol”, Mayor Nikos Nikolaides expressed his disappointment as despite the continuous representations to the Town Planning department, there was no response, so that the Municipality could quickly promote, as it should, this very important project for Limassol.

For the record, the project remains stagnant since 2017, the year when the overall area's masterplan was completed after 13 years of discussion, which was accepted by all authorities involved, including the British Base Administration and environmental organizations. However, the issue of financing the project, amounting to approximately €7 million, remains pending, as the relevant fund has not yet been secured. The aim of the whole project is to serve the visitors in general and to create a road of mild traffic, from the Port to the southern end of the beach where hundreds of thousands of vehicles are moving during the summer, to facilitate pedestrians and cyclists, to create public parking lots, taking into serious consideration the existence of military installations and also the protection of the environmental wealth of the area. Specifically, the project includes the construction of the road with ecological materials, the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle road, the installation of road lighting, water supply, the creation of a sewerage system as well as providing changing rooms for bathers and toilet facilities. It also provides for the legalization of existing restaurant facilities in the area.


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